by Tabitha Gail

By now you've seen the distressed trend on Tee's from all over, and now button-up's are getting their turn. This is a regular ole' mens button up that has been dipped in bleach to get this super cool fade. You can DIY these yourself with some bleach or take my route and find a tone of these babies at Molly Green



All Images by Cody Stallings 

Not Your Boyfriends Work Shirt

by Tabitha Gail

Hello again!
     Mens wear is a huge fashion trend this fall, as it has been in the past. It's a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon, and i'm okay with it! The shirt I have on in my pictures below is an example of the mens wear look, but of course for women! This particular top is from my fave, Tobi.com! I paired my shirt with black leggings, but honestly you can throw this on with jeans, and even wear it as a dress if you dare! 

Check out the look below



Top: Tobi
Leggins: Nordstrom
Bracelete: Alex and Ani

All Images By Cody Stallings

The Dress

by Tabitha Gail

I found it! The perfect fall dress is at Tobi.com! This cotton blend is the perfect mix of soft and warm. On the day I wore this look it was about 50 degrees and a little bit rainy, and still I was as comfortable as I would be on a 75 degree and sunny day! Not only is it warm, but also breathable, and very easy to move around in. Make it sporty, or dress it up! The choice is yours! 


3 Trends in One

by Tabitha Gail

WARNING: The post you are about to see is loaded with trends for Fall 2017. Let's Break them down, shall we? 
     1st: Plunging Neckline- From the runway to the streets, a deep neckline is a major trend this Fall. This romper below from Tobi.com, does the perfect job of showcasing the mix of sexy and classy in equal parts. But, don't forget your double sided tape ladies.
     2nd: Bell Sleeves - Bell sleeves and bell bottoms are a recurring trend from last year. A trend that I personally can not get enough of. As all of you already know from previous post. 
     3rd: Snake Print- Snake print is back and in style for the first time since 2005. This time it's being done in a less tacky, and much chicer way. Snake print can be scary, it's important to keep the accessories and the rest of your look at a minimum while playing around in this Fall 2017 trend. 


Business In Plaid

by Tabitha Gail

Dress pants are making a statement this fall in a big way. From outfitting them casual for the grocery, to taking on a board meeting in the office; you can't go wrong! I found this pair of funky 1970's dress pants at one of my favorite stores, Molly Green. They have a hint of a flared bottom, and I am obsessed with the high flared waist. I went a little extra, and paired mine with a ruffled top tucked in and platforms! 

See the look below!



Freebird By Steven

by Tabitha Gail

If you haven't heard of Freebird By Steven yet then let me just go ahead and introduce you. Freebird is a high end shoe store trade marked by Steve Madden. The shoes at Freebird are all hand made and hand distressed. Giving the shoes that worn and torn look that has been on top of the trend charts for  years now. 
      The company was started in Colorado six years ago by Mike Murphy. Since the opening of the first store, five more stores have opened in the US. There are four in Colorado, one in Salt Lake City Utah, and another right here in Nashville, TN, and i'm certain many more are to follow! Check out their Instagram page @freebirdstores, as a website will be launched soon! (Don't worry i'll keep you posted on that.) In the mean time, check out some of my favorite Freebird styles below and how I like to style them! 

All Photos by Cody Stallings
Find him on Instagram @codystallingsphotography

You can find all of these styles and so much more at Freebird Nashville located in The Mall at Green Hills

Affordable Fashion : Tobi

by Tabitha Gail

I don't know about you all, but I am a sucker for trendy clothing at an affordable price! Which makes Tobi.com one of my favorite sites to shop! Tobi is an affordable online retailer that is on top of all the latest trends! They are always adding new inventory to the site so theres always something new to choose from! Below are three of my latest Tobi finds that I am loving for Spring/Summer '17! Get over to Tobi.com now for endless fashion finds!  

Photos by: Cody Stallings
Instagram: @codystallingsphotography

Snag These Looks Here! 

Blue Striped Two Piece

Camari Navy Midi Dress

Desert Wishes Olive and Black Cardigan 

Happy Valentines!

by Tabitha Gail

IT'S VALENTINES DAY! Whatever your feelings maybe on this government made-up holiday, it is an excuse to get dressed up! This year I chose to opt-out of your typical Valentines Day red dress, and went with one of my current favorite trends, Velvet. I found the prefect velvet onesie, with floral embroidery up the side (another favorite trend of mine) at NORDSTROM. I instantly thought about how I could pair this with my American Apparel disco pants, and knew an outfit was born. Because it's a little cold right now in Nashville I chose to pair this look with a slouchy Free People cardigan to give it a spin of my own! Valentines Day isn't necessarily a favorite holiday, but this outfit defiantly is!!   

All Photos By Samantha Hearn

Pants - American Apparel
Cardigan - Free People
Bralette - Molly Green

Statement Jackets

by Tabitha Gail

     Jackets are always a BIG MUST this time of year... Ya know, with the it being cold and all -.-
 But it seems that this Winter jackets have become more of a trend than just away to keep warm.

     In my opinion a good jacket is the new must have statement piece. The jacket I have on in the photos below is from my own personal Disneyland, ZARA. I got this baby for under 30 dollars which is unreal. As well as  being in love with the metallic trend (see 'How To Metallic Edition' for more.) and this liquid gold faux leather jacket might be the coolest thing hanging in my closet right now!

 All photos by Samantha Hearn

Jacket: ZARA
Shirt + Jeans: Free People 

The Blanket Scarf

by Tabitha Gail

Blanket scarfs are a huge trend right now, and have been for the last couple Winter seasons. I don't see this trend going away anytime soon because come on who doesn't want a blanket to be apart of their outfit! The blanket scarf for me is a must have this Winter, and many more to come! 




Floral Feet

by Tabitha Gail

Floral is no longer only for Spring/Summer. Nope, that's a thing of the past. This year we have been seeing floral all year long, on tops, on jackets, on dressed, on jeans, and now on our shoes. In the words of Miranda Priestly in 'The Devil Wears Prada', "Groundbreaking". Except in this case it actually is .

I found this hot trend at Topshop!
They had a few different styles in both tan and black, with different floral prints!

Get yours here!



Photos by Samantha Hearn
 Check her out HERE

Button-Up... or down

by Tabitha Gail

When it comes to clothing I like to keep things loose. The more flow the better. Let's be honest here, the more drama to an outfit the better. This floor length almost cap-like button-up add's the perfect amount of drama to this Free People inspired look. I love this button up because it can be  very versatile. Wear it like I have as a cape layered over a dress with leggings , or you could wear it as a top, or button it all the way up for a maxi shirt-dress! 
Oh, and surprise!! Floral embroidery trend on the back!

Tabitha Gail



Outfit Details 
Button Up- Lizard Thicket
Dress - Muse Nashville (check them out on instagram @musenashville)
Leggins- Molly Green
Shoes- Nordstrom


Photos by Samantha Hearn
Instagram: @sammyhearn

Trendy Threads

by Tabitha Gail

          I'm welcoming 2017 with an open heart and big shaggy hug! It's officially a new year, but I'm still obsessing over some of last years biggest trends. Velvet was a huge trend the bottom half of 2016, and it's definitely going to carry over into 2017, all the way from dresses, to pants.
      Full on fluffy fur coats (faux and other wise) are on trend for Winter 2017 as well. The one I found pictured below caters to my 1970's obsession. I found it at Lizard Thicket Boutique for under $50! I paired it with not one, but two thin scarves, and some chunky sunglasses. This outfit makes my heart sing, and I have a feeling you'll see me strutting in these garments (separate and together) several times over 2017, and forever to come.

Happy New Year!


Pants + Jacket - Lizard Thicket Boutique
Scarves - Urban Outfitters
Choker - Forever21

Photos by Samantha Hearn
Instagram: @sammyhearn

Mauve Is a Movement

by Tabitha Gail in ,

     Fall is here...whether it feels like it outside or not. Mauve is not a new color to the Fall family, however this year its making a bit of a bigger statement than years past. From Forever 21 to Neiman Marcus, from jackets to jeans the color is everywhere! This mock wrap-dress from Nordstrom is one example. Because mauve is such a big trend I chose to keep the color of the dress the main focal point of the outfit. Keeping the accessories and shoes rather minimal and simple. 

      Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr lets talk about these shoes for just a moment. This style of shoe is also EVERYWHERE this Fall. Ankle straps with high heels are a must for me because i'm a clumsy mess and if my foot is not strapped into my shoe my shoe will fall off  -.- so this shoe is perfect for me. I'm also really loving the chunky heel. Not only because it looks great but also because a chunky heel is easier to balance on for a klutz like me!  This particular shoe is by Steve Madden and though they are not comfy for long they are gorgeous, right on trend and for me thats worth the buy! 

Tabitha Gail




Dress: Nordstrom
Shoes: Steve Madden 
Bracelets + Necklace : Alex and Ani
Ring: Pandora 

   Photos by: Samantha Hearn     


by Tabitha Gail in ,

Grey denim is not a new trend to the fashion world, but it is one that has been under the radar for a hot minute. Thankfully it is starting make a major come back. In 2016 expect to see grey denim on all shapes and in all styles!   

All images by Cody Stallings

Outfit Details:

Denim: Nordstrom
Top & Bag: H&M
Shoes: Target
Sunnies: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Anthropologie

Cool Kids Uniform

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     It's been said this season that the sweater & skirt combo is the new "cool kid" uniform, and i'm totally on board. People are even saying that this trend is replacing the high wasted "mom jean." Which I don't agree with because long live mom jeans!! But none the less the sweater & skirt trend is everywhere and chances are you're going to look adorable while wearing this combo. See how I wear it below! 

All images by Cody Stallings

Outfit Details: 
Floral Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Skirt & Belt: Forever 21
Kimono Sweater: Loft
Necklace: Brandy Melville
Shoes: Nordstrom- BP shoes
Bag: Madewell


Color Hack

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This weeks post is about wearing color when color is usually something you tend to steer away from. Now, don't get me wrong I like wearing a look full of color from time to time, but i'm definetly in my comfort zone when wearing all black or a netraul of some kind. The key to wearing a color when you don't usually is to keep the color your wearing (for lack of a better word) "dull." I.e burnt red (pictured), hunter green, mustard yellow, navy just to name a few. 

Tip: Keep the rest of the look neutral. 

All images by Cody Stallings 

Outfit Details: 

Pants: GJG Denim (I got these at Muse Nashville. @musenashville on instagram)
Tee & Kimono & Scarf- Urban Outfiters
Shoes- BP Shoes (I found these at Nordstrom)
Bag: Target

Statement Of The Year

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Every year when the leaves start to fall and the air starts to cool I like to treat myself to a new statement jacket. This year I had in mind what I wanted, but it was still a toss up between a new jean jacket or a new faux leather jacket. Both are wildly popular this Fall and you can't really go wrong with either. However as you can see from the pictures below I went with faux leather. I found this leather jacket at the H&M at Opry Mills Mall. It was one of those finds where you walk into the store and your eye catches exactly what you've been looking for. Which in my opinion makes it fate. :)

All Images by Cody Stallings 


Jacket: H&M
Top: Muse Nashville (Check them out at @musenashville on instagram)
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Michael Kors
Necklace: Forever 21