Holidays... How to wear it.

by Tabitha Gail


Well, here we are again. It is time for eggnog, Christmas movies, bright lights, and most importantly, holiday parties! You might find yourself asking, “What should I wear to this (Insert holiday party here)?” Should I wear the green dress or the red dress?” “Should I wear the silver bow or the gold bow?” “Black heels or nude?” The basic list can go on and on. This year let’s SCRATCH ALL OF THAT! Bring out the little black dress, or the royal blue dress, hell - lets go metallic! Accessorize with some fun statement jewelry, throw your hair up in a topknot, add a chunky black bootie, and you’ll be the light of party! We all know that the holidays can be stressful with the gift buying, budgeting, and relatives, but just because they are stressful, doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable.  

With love,

Tabitha Gail