All About the Bralette

by Tabitha Gail

     One word, Bralettes. The bralette trend introduced it's self to us a while ago but became a MAJOR trend over this past Summer, and isn't going anywhere just because we are entering Fall. 

    Personally, i'm loving this trend for a few different reasons. 1.) I HATE wearing a bra. Ask anyone who knows me well. I only wear a "real" bra when it is absolutely necessary... and usually if thats the case I find a reason to stay home. :) Moving on to reason number 2.) The bralette trend makes it "okay" to show your bra straps. Why? because they're cute duhhhh. 3.) When wearing a bralette like the one I have on below it can act like a tank-top for low cut tops! Personally I don't like wearing a full tank under my tops, I find it uncomfortable. So this bralette is the perfect alternative to that.



      Bralettes are so popular right now you can pretty much find them anywhere. But just incase you're having a hard time finding the perfect bralette here are a few stores that I have found some of my favorites at. 
 - Lizard Thicket 
-Urban Outfitters

Shirt,Bralette, and Necklace: Lizard Thicket
Jeans: American Apparel
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelets: Alex and Ani