Staying Alive

by Tabitha Gail in ,

     Hello all, It's been a hot minute sense my last post I know... But i'm bbbaaaacckk! I'm so excited to start back and to bring you some examples of my favorite trends, and styles each week!
      But first I want to catch you up on what I have been doing lately! In April I became certified to teach yoga at the 200hr level! (so if you're lookin' for a personal yoga instructor as well as a personal consultant i'm your girl!) I'm also getting back into my boutique ways and could not be more excited, come see me at Lizard Thicket in Franklin, and Green Hills!! Lets get to it!!

       It only seemed appropriate to make my first post back all about the ever popular 1970's trend (aka my aesthetic.) I simply can not get enough of high wasted jeans, bell-bottoms, bell-sleeves, chunky, gaudy prints, and platform shoes. It's an addiction that I have no intention on kicking anytime soon. My favorite part of it all is the gaudy prints (guilty... as seen below.) That's why this shirt from the lingerie department at Nordstrom of all places HAD TO BE MINE! The paisley print is a perfect mix between tacky and classic. It's oversized which is another weakness of mine, and pink (always important to wear your favorite color whenever you can!) Soooo yeah, I mean had to be mine!

     Because i'm only 5'3" bell-bottoms don't always flatter me. So a lot of the time (we are talking 99% of the time if i'm being honest with you) I replace my bell-bottom envy with a skinny high wasted jean! If its not high wasted, I don't want it! 

  Until next time!
   -Tabitha Gail Xo

Top: Nordstrom
Jeans: Free People
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Muse Nashville (check them out on instagram at @musenashville)

Photos by: Samantha Hearn