How to... Metallic Edition

by Tabitha Gail

    By this point we all know that metallic is more than acceptable to wear over the holidays, but can you wear it during other seasons of the year? Yes! However it's important to tone it down a bit.

Heres how:
- Don't make metallic the focal point of your look. 
- Add a jacket over a metallic dress, or top (as seen in pictures below)  
- Minimal jewelry is important. your metallic outfit is an accessory all on it's own. (One-Two items of jewelry at most.)

     Metallic is a popular trend this fall. It's hitting the stores a lot earlier this year than years past. Wearing metallic before the holidays can be scary but if put together correctly, the look can be very fun, and not at all tacky. Save all the tacky for the Holidays.

- Tabitha Gail Xo


- Jacket, Jeans, Top: Lizard Thicket
- Shoes: Steve Madden
- Bag: D&G

Photos by: Samantha Hearn