by Tabitha Gail

      When it comes to height I got the short end of the stick. Literally. Being only 5"3' I've had to learn some tips and tricks along the way to be able to wear some of the biggest fashion trends. You'll notice in the photos below that I'm wearing a pair of pants that has short girls running in the opposite direction, bell bottoms.
     Bell bottoms are a great way to give the legs some extra length. However, when you're on the shorter side if you don't have the right chunky heal, or the right seamstress bell bottoms can be a disaster. I recently found a great pair of bell bottoms from the brand Articles of Society. I'm a huge fan of the way their jeans fit! To make the bell bottom look work on me, I chose a chunky 5in heal! 

     Now, maybe your legs aren't the problem, maybe your torso is what keeps you from being your ideal height. A tip to give yourself some extra length in the toro is to wear long layers. As seen in the pictures below I'm wearing a longer top from Molly Green, that hits about 4in above my knee, and layered a Free People woven cardigan that is shorter in the back and longer in the front. The asymmetrical cut of the sweater adds some length to the torso!

All the love to my fellow short girls,

-Tabitha Gail


Jeans: Articles of Society 
Top: Molly Green
Cardigan: Free People
Bag: Nordstrom